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Milestone reached for dental app

When it comes to brushing teeth correctly, the UK does not have a particularly good track record. One of the reasons for the relatively poor oral health of the nation is that people are not brushing their teeth often enough, or for long enough. As such, anything that can be done to improve this facet of the nation’s oral health will be very welcome.

Dentists have tried a number of innovative dental marketing techniques to encourage patients to take better care of their teeth, and many of these have found significant success. One of these has hit a milestone recently, as the Brush DJ app has reached one million nudges.

The purpose of the app is to get people to brush their teeth for the recommended amount of time: two minutes, according to UK dentists. In order to do this, it plays a song at random from the device it is installed on for the appropriate amount of time.

Brush DJ has been installed on phones in 171 different countries, and now shows users short, animated videos giving tips on how to best take care of their teeth. It has proved to be popular with young people, and the fact it has achieved one million nudges shows how useful it has been.

The app’s developer, Ben Underwood, told Smile-on News: “The next update is in development and should help the app and videos become the default tool to encourage better self-home dental care. I hope the app will go some way towards reducing the estimated £1.5 billion of NHS dental budget in England that is spent on the direct treatment of preventable disease.”

This all goes to show the power of an innovative dental marketing technique geared around appealing to children. Being able to improve the oral health of young people should be the goal of all dentists, and technology such as mobile phone apps can assist with this aim. Brush DJ is just one of many hi-tech solutions to poor oral healthcare.

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