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Marketing automation

Marketing automation is fast becoming an adopted structure for companies all over the world, this is because it allows businesses to streamline and automate their tasks.

It is becoming more and more important, because automating traditional processes allows your business to increase its operational efficiency and spend more time increasing revenue.

As Hubspot says, this software exists “with the goal of automating marketing actions” – basically these are systems that will prevent you from having to manually handle repetitive tasks, like emailing, social media and other online web actions.

We’ve covered an example of this before, in the format of newsletter services that will email out to your specially curated lists of contacts at the touch of a button.

Some social media tools that come highly recommended are the likes of Buffer, Tweetdeck and Meet Edgar.

When you have chosen your social media marketing campaigns and the promotional messages that you want to carry, it’s a good idea to upload your posts to a service that can tweet or Facebook them out to your audience on your behalf.

Buffer is one of the easiest automated platforms that you can use, as it posts to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and nearly every other social media account there is. As such, you can upload days’ worth of content and then use the rest of your time promoting your message in other ways.

Using these services frees up time that you might not have have otherwise, so you can spend valuable minutes, or indeed hours, to pull together physical media for a-boards, advertorials or posters.

Meet Edgar is a similar service, in that you can upload all of your social media content for up to two weeks on this platform, however, the scheduling is different from Buffer.

With Meet Edgar, you can timetable certain things to repeat, or only display once and the information will keep rotating – like a carousel – until you update your posts.

Using this sort of automation is a really good way to keep on top of all the important aspects of static social media messages and newsletters, while leaving you free to react to events in real-time.

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