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Making the most of Twitter’s longer character limit

Twitter recently introduced the biggest change to its service since launching by extending its character limit to 280, double the number that was previously offered.

Although there has been some backlash, with many saying they would have preferred the company to provide them with the ability to edit their tweets, users have now had enough time to get used to the concept and evaluate how it could affect their experience.

It now begs the question: will it prove more valuable to marketers?

More characters, more engagement?

Twitter has said its new limit has been a success so far, with a testing phase revealing that users with “more room to tweet received more engagement (likes, retweets, @mentions), got more followers, and spent more time on Twitter”.

This is a positive sign, as an increase in engagement will equate to a boost in visibility for your practice. Getting your firm’s name seen is one of the biggest reasons to maintain a social media presence. This means that if your practice can take advantage of the new character limit, you could find yourself engaging with more prospective patients.

Extra details

As well as offering businesses more engagement, the new character limit will provide more space to answer queries from clients – as well as those thinking about joining your practice.

When it comes to dental work, patients can be nervous. This means that your practice will have to allay their fears as confidently as possible. With more characters now provided to Twitter users, your business should find it easier to detail the methods you use and how you make the process more comfortable for patients.

This could have a significant impact on how prospective clients think about your practice.

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