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Make a positive statement with your dental leaflets

Most patients don’t see trips to the dentist as a positive thing. Why would they? The best case scenario is that they will find out that everything is normal, which can make people feel like they’ve wasted their time. At worst, they could find out that there’s something wrong with their teeth and they will have to come back for more check ups, tests and treatments.

Furthermore, a lot of people expect to be told they are not looking after their teeth properly. This can feel a bit like they are naughty children being told off at school, adding to the feelings of negativity people associate with their dentist. To ensure your practice sees success, you need to make an effort to change this.

Fostering a positive atmosphere is essential when you are a dentist. If people see procedures as a chore, or at worst something to be afraid of, they are much less likely to come along to their appointments. You need to make people feel like they are choosing to go to the dentists, not that they have to.

One way to do this is to focus on the benefits of procedures in your dental marketing. When your patients walk through the door, they should see plenty of images of happy people with perfect, white smiles. You could even have a few ‘before and after’ pictures on the walls for them to see.

All of this contributes to the same image: that going to the dentist is worth it. This injection of positivity can contribute a lot to your practice’s success. A small investment in some new dental posters and canvases can go a long way in this respect.

Another tactic that works just as well is to advertise the many services you offer that will provide a concrete improvement in a patient’s life. A lot of people have never had problems with their teeth, so they tend to see the dentist as a chore that just tells them what they already know.

You can counter this by advertising services like tooth whitening and veneers – cosmetic procedures with a definite end result. This will appeal to people who are tired of just being told that everything is fine, as it adds a bit of optimism to their trips to the dentist. They should want their teeth to be something they’re proud of, not just something they tolerate.

Some dental leaflets can be very helpful in attempting to achieve this with your patients. For example, Designer Dental’s Yes Collection emphasises the positive benefits of having procedures done, while adding in a bit of empowerment.

Of course, these won’t work in a vacuum. You need to make sure you are projecting the same kind of positivity in your manner with the patients. For example, if someone has a check up and everything is fine, it can be nice to congratulate them on keeping their teeth healthy. It might seem patronising, but it can turn a check up into a surprisingly positive experience.

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