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Looking ahead to 2018 – why you should plan your marketing strategy now

Businesses may wait until the new year has begun to plan their marketing strategies, but by working out what your practice will do now, you’ll be getting ahead of your competitors.

Spend time now so you don’t have to then

The advantages of planning your strategy now are manifold, but one of the most significant is the time you will save later. After all, the more time you spend on establishing your marketing blueprint now, the less time you have to in 2018 – leaving you free to act on it.

In addition, setting up your strategy now will leave you with more time to establish contingency plans if something comes up that prevents an activity from going ahead.

Production requires time and effort

Also related to time is the idea of production. If your dental practice has chosen to carry out content marketing – video, editorial or graphic, among others – you will need time to prepare it. Great production does not happen immediately and there may be prolonged approval periods that you hadn’t planned for.

However, knowing that you are getting a head start on your strategy – and your competition – by planning your work now will help put you at ease. This can keep you from getting too stressed, which could help you keep a level head about your marketing activities.

Establishing a budget

If you can work out a budget for your 2018 marketing strategy now, you will be in a far better position to decide what you can and cannot do with it when the time comes. You will be able to establish your priorities and work out how much to spend on achieving your goals.

Take into account what you spent on marketing in 2017 and use that as a starting point to calculate next year’s finances. It will allow you to evaluate what you want to continue spending money on and what was not as successful.

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