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Londoners feel “alienated” by dentists

Posted by Allie Wright

Those living in London are less trusting of their dentists and more confused about options available to them, according to results from a new survey.

The study, carried out by Oasis Dental Care, a provider of NHS and private dental treatments,
also shows that London residents are more confused about the dental pricing options available to them than patients from other parts of the UK.

Less than half (46 per cent) of Londoners agree that pricing in their practices is clear and transparent. This is compared to 52 per cent of people in the rest of the UK who believe that their dentist practices have clear pricing options.

Those residing outside the capital not only feel financially more comfortable with their practices, as results also showed that they have more trust in their dentists (70 per cent) than those in the capital (63 per cent).

Furthermore, a greater number of people living in other parts of the UK believe that their dentist listens to them, cares for their needs and explains dental care options clearly (71 per cent). In London fewer people (68 per cent) feel that their dental practitioner offers the same level of care.

Justin Ash, chief executive at Oasis Dental Care, said: “The findings are alarming, that so many people in London are not clear about what their dental practices are offering and even struggle to trust their dentists.

“It seems that in London, patients are particularly confused and this needs to be addressed.”

He also said that it was no surprise that Londoners felt “alienated” as a result of confusion surrounding pricing options.

The research also revealed a lack of loyalty between patients and dentists in London with figures suggesting that those in the capital were more likely to switch dentists in the next year than in any other region.

In light of the survey, the dental care provider says that dentists have a responsibility to be upfront about the pricing options available to patients and to be clear about treatment available to them.

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