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Keep online content relevant to maintain consumer trust

For dental practices, earning and maintaining the trust of patients is an extremely important thing.

From the consumer side, people want to feel that they can trust any provider of healthcare services, particularly in situations where they feel nervous about the treatment they are receiving.

There are many steps you can take to win and keep the trust of your patients, one of which is ensuring that the content you post online is accurate and relevant to the people who use your services.

This point was made in a recent report from market research group Kantar TNS, which surveyed 70,000 people across 56 countries for its 2017 Connected Life study.

According to the results, irrelevant online content is a relatively common problem these days, with exactly half of the UK consumers polled saying the content brands post on social media is not pertinent to them.

Kantar TNS warned that, in European countries and the US, trust in brands is being “undermined” by the “poor deployment of advertising and content”.

Michael Nicholas, global lead of connected solutions at the research provider, pointed out that, in our modern, hyperconnected society, the default attitude for many people is “suspicion, not acceptance”.

“In developed countries, the connection that brands have strived to have with consumers – whether reaching them through new technologies, sharing brand content, targeting them based on their personal data or widening the scope of ecommerce – appears to be eroding trust, not building it,” he added.

For dental practices, patient trust is likely to be built on concepts such as honesty, with members of the public expecting their providers to be transparent when it comes to issues such as prices.

Strong, reliable customer service will also prove extremely important for any practice that wants to build up trusting relationships with its patients.

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