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John Bishop talks about teeth whitening

Posted by Joanne Mellor

Liverpool comedian John Bishop has revealed he had cosmetic dentistry treatment, with teeth whitening the procedure he selected to improve the look of his smile.

Dental marketing products could therefore highlight the comic as an example of a famous face that has turned to teeth whitening to make themselves more attractive.

According to a report by the Daily Mirror, Bishop stated he had to have the treatment in order to avoid looking “like a tramp” on television.

He appears on shows such as A League Of Their Own and is one of the most popular stand-up comedians in the UK.

“They are my real teeth! I’ve had them whitened, because my teeth probably account for about 30 per cent of my head,” he said on Radio Four’s Desert Island Discs.

Only professionals should carry out teeth whitening treatments, according to Professor Robin Seymour, a leading periodontologist and advisor to Dentyl Active, the leading alcohol free mouthwash you can see working.

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