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Is SEO still relevant?

There are arguments for both sides, some marketers believe that SEO and ranking is one of the most important factors for businesses and their marketing.

Others disagree and say that, although it’s important, it’s not the most important thing for a company to focus its time on.

However, we’re of the opinion that SEO and ranking is still important for the visibility of your business and to get your products and information in front of the relevant audience.

For those of you who may be unsure, SEO is search engine optimisation and you want your website and its pages to be fully optimised to be as close to the top result on Google’s – and other search engines’ – search as possible.

There are many different things that you can do to increase the SEO ranking of your website, and one of the easiest and most common ways to do this is by using keywords throughout the content of your website.

Keywords, or keyword phrases are anything between one word and a one-line sentence that sums up the product or service you’re trying to highlight on a particular page of your website.

If for example, you have an article in which you wish to talk about promotional products in your business or information on an eZine, then you would set up keywords on the back end of your website or in Google Analytics with these words, or a phrase incorporating these words.

As we said, you can build these into your analytics on Google, or by putting a plug-in SEO feature into the actual back end of your website. One of the most common SEO features for websites in called Yoast, as it has clear subject boxes and is very easy to use.

Not only this but Yoast works on a traffic light system, which indicates using the colours green, red and yellow/amber whether or not you are using a good, bad or middling keyword or phrase. Helpfully, Yoast will also give you suggestions as to how you can improve your article to better reflect your chosen keyword.

Search engines basically look for these keywords and present the searching user with the best, or most optimised results based on all the websites that are available.

By having a strong approach to keywords through Google, or with a Yoast feature, you have a better chance of Google seeing and recognising your page, meaning that it will present it to your target audience much more easily.

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