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How you can encourage children to have better dental health

When it comes to dental marketing for children, the main strategy is to reach out to their parents, as these are the people who will be taking the child into the surgery for their check-ups and procedures.

With this in mind, your dental practice needs to make sure that it creates a tailored and specific campaign that will channel important information in the right way, to ensure children are taking great care of their teeth from a young age.

Previously, we have spoken to you about the great benefits that testimonials and case studies can give both you and your wider audience. A novel approach would be to do a case study with a younger member of your client list – given the parent’s approval of course – to show what a trip to your surgery is like.

By doing this, you’re sure to be providing a piece of content that is completely different from your competitors but also shows to other parents and their children that your surgery is safe, friendly and that going to the dentist doesn’t have to be a scary thing.

It would also greatly benefit you to have a section on your website all about children’s dental health. Not only can you outline the different procedures a child can receive from your practice, you can also use the section as a way to give advice to kids and parents.

Detail activities that kids can do to learn why brushing baby teeth is so important and how healthy snacks can be fun and great for your teeth. Outlining these as blogs and in pamphlets and other marketing materials can be a great way to present you as a thought leader when it comes to encouraging children to have great dental health.

Free and promotional items are a great way to gets kids interested in brushing their teeth too, either with badges, stickers or toothbrushes featuring their name or a little character.

For information on how we can help you create great materials and promotional items to get children interested in dental health, contact Designer Dental now.

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