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How to write better content

Although there are lots of marketing strategies and tools that are important get your message across to your target audience, you have to have great written content at the end of it all. This is so important, because although your marketing carries your message, your writing is the message.

If you’ve put amazing work into the strategy and such but if the editorial is flat, people aren’t going to be interested in what you’re saying and you’ll lose their attention.

Luckily, it’s easy for you to create great content; however, it’s true that it can also be time-consuming and you really need to make sure that you set aside time to get it done.

If lack of time is the difficulty you face – as it is for most marketers – then there are a few simple things you can do to improve your writing. suggests that you should always read the news. Doing this, whether you realise is or not, really helps you to sharpen your writing skills. It’ll also help you to expand on vocabulary and there’s also a chance that you’ll come across something relevant for your audience.

Try freewriting a little bit every day. Even if it isn’t about the dental industry or your surgery, getting into this habit will allow your thoughts to flow and you’ll start to get a sense of what your process is. Then, when it comes to writing dental marketing material, you’ll be able to do it much better and that much more quickly.

Writing the way you talk will help you too, for a lot of your different marketing materials. For example, this will work when it comes to writing text for a new product or if you’re aiming towards a younger audience. However, if you’re trying to inform in an educational way, then you may want to adopt a more formal tone of voice. This doesn’t mean it has to be stiff and boring, so make sure you loosen it up and you’ll be rewarded in spades.

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