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How to use Vines and Snapchat

Although Vines (short six-second videos) and Snapchat might be viewed as social media tools for millennials to chat with, the reality is that many companies and advertisers are now seeing the benefits of using these two channels.

If you feel like your audience won’t be interested in a long video (anything more than 30 seconds) then Vine can really be helpful for a short, snappy advertisement. Plus, it’s much easier to share a Vine across your various social networks, as it has a built-in link with Twitter and Facebook.

Similarly, when someone watches a Vine it’s recorded as a loop and these loops will continuously repeat until the viewer clicks off the screen or scrolls away from the video. In this way, we can say that it’s really easy to gain a large amount of loops, which means that more people are finding it easier to engage with your content.

Vines can be really useful for someone who wants to do video content, but isn’t confident enough in their video-making skills.

If you have new products you would like to advertise to your clients, or a new leaflet or information booking, then making a Vine of each individual product or page is great to make a flipbook-style presentation to your customer base.

Snapchat is accessed by 100 million visitors – figures from The Content Strategist on Contently have shown – which is a huge market not to be a part of, but to make sure you see ROI, you’ll need a strategy.

The Content Strategist uses the example of US-based frozen yogurt chain 16 Handles, which built up a Snapchat following by offering a discount to customers who sent the company Snapchats of themselves eating the brand’s product.

This not only encourages customers to buy more product, but it also gives you extra exposure, as anything innovative you do on this platform receives widespread publicity because it’s still a very new way for businesses to market themselves.

Bigger brands like Red Bull have been known to give control of their Snapchat to X Games professionals like Mark McMorris in order to reach out to its consumers by showing the inside life of this snowboarding professional.

Although this might not work for the standard business, you could adapt it and give control of your Snapchat to your employees, showing the process of the work they do for the benefit of customers.

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