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How to merge online and offline content

Content marketing, which includes all forms of dental marketing – such as editorial, graphics and more – functions at its best when online and offline content work together in tandem.

Anything that is digital, whether that’s website content, generated over email or can be accessed by a computer or mobile/tablet device, is online content. On the flip side, offline content is anything that is physical or tangible, and this can be anything from posters and pamphlets to messages you print on your promotional items.

However, a mistake that a lot people make in their dental surgery is creating content that doesn’t complement the other content you produce. You should be producing online and offline content that is seamless and consistent so you are hitting your audience at every possible point.

It’s very easy to link your content through different marketing campaigns, including a “to be continued” campaign, which you can roll out by starting a story either online or offline and then continuing it in the opposite format. For example, you can create posters or pamphlets that give a patient a certain amount of information and have a call to action at the end that encourages them to find more details on a certain section or page of your website.

Similarly, you can use ebooks or newsletters to encourage your patients to download more information that you send them and print it out to keep or to bring with them to appointments if they have questions about different procedures.

Many different companies around the world employ a great newsletter campaign tactic that again encourages audiences to interact and also has a great effect on boosting relationships and sales in your surgery. Before a client commits to trying a new product or service from your surgery, they might appreciate a sample that they can take a look at for themselves when they’re at home.

To promote this idea, you can feature a newsletter or eblast detailing that you’ll be offering free samples of toothpaste or even example brace sets that they can receive through the post, along with leaflets of information, so they can take their time before confirming that they would like to carry through with the full transaction.

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