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How to market your dental services to women

Attracting high-quality, loyal customers to your surgery can be difficult, which is why your dental marketing approach has to be smart to allow people to find your practice easily.

One way to do this is to make sure that you are targeting the different people and demographics who are going to be making appointments with you. The reality is that you cannot carry out a one-size-fits-all approach to marketing your products and services, for example, you won’t market the same services to children as you would to someone who is over 60.

Although men and women will tend to have much the same need for dental care, the reality is that women will sometimes need different advice, particularly if they are pregnant. states that “women make decisions based on trust”, which means that they have a tendency to delve into details more than your male patients will. For this reason, you may find that female clients will ask more questions or ask for sources, like pamphlets to be more informed about the procedure you will be performing on them.

This is particularly important to remember if a woman is indeed pregnant due to their body being under more duress and needing extra nutrients and care. It may be worth sending out a newsletter or mailout to patients you know are recently pregnant to educate them on how they can better take care of themselves during this great time.

Don’t forget though that it’s important to remember what not to do. Accidentally being condescending with your marketing message can be easily done, all you need to do is remember that, in general, women will be seeking out further information and education about your services, all you need to do is provide it.

For information on how to construct a dental marketing campaign for women, contact Designer Dental Marketing now.

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