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How to market something ‘boring’ in your industry

Although each aspect of your industry is important and valid, it’s perhaps fair to say that some are more interesting than others to your audience.

In fact, all businesses and industries struggle with getting people excited about the more ‘boring’ elements of their products and services. However, these can be the most important aspects that you want to promote and sell to your target audience.

A study from chartbeat reported that, on average, readers are getting through around 60 per cent of a standard piece of content. This is usually plain text, or blog content but it means that a massive chunk of your content marketing is going under the radar. Why? Simply, the content produced isn’t engaging enough and this is regardless of the subject matter.

However, there are ways to make everything more interesting – for example, the recent campaign from PayPal. It’s not the most fascinating service out there, it’s a payment method but the folks behind the company found out that a lot of their users are big fans of the show The Walking Dead and worked up a gif to help market its services.

If you’re going to be writing content around certain subjects, like the benefits of getting a crown or veneers from your dental surgery, you need to find a way to make this stand out for the right reasons.

It’s a well-known fact that visuals, like images and videos help to make content of this ilk much more engaging. An animated video on how your customer can makeover their smile would be an excellent way of introducing the different services like caps or teeth cleaning that people can get from you to improve their smile.

Explaining this purely in text can be a bit drab, but you can get your message across in a better way using a video. If you don’t want to go as far as a film, then you can still market these services in an engaging way using graphics or image-led pamphlets that you can post out to your customers.

For more information on the various ways that you can market your products and services at their most engaging, contact Designer Dental now.

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