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How to market facial aesthetics

Facial aesthetics can mean several things, but usually it refers to treatments in dentistry that have a cosmetic element.

According to Dentistry Today, cosmetic treatments have become a lot more common and are no longer limited to specialist surgeries. Often, people are able to book these services in the same place they can get a standard teeth cleaning or crown.

Facial aesthetics include everything from teeth whitening and veneers to dental fillers and Botox injections – the latter of which have come under fire for being controversial.

However, the Faculty of General Dentistry Practice UK championed a report in 2013, which showed that standardised use of these cosmetics is perfectly safe and courses have been administered since, outlining the proper use of dental aesthetics.

A client’s reasoning behind wanting these procedures may not be all about vanity, as for many their primary concern is psychological confidence issues with their appearance. For lots of people, being able to get these treatments from their normal dental surgery is something of a comfort.

Often though, your customer may have very little knowledge about different facial aesthetics and what actually goes into them.

For this reason, it’s really important for you to have a strong and clear marketing message about the benefits, but you also need to make them aware of any health concerns.

At Designer Dental, we have a full range of dental aesthetic poster collections, which will highlight what the procedures are, how they can help and they will promote a message that is both informative and reassuring. As people can be nervous about cosmetic surgery, you need to make sure that you comfort your client and assure them that any procedures will be non-surgical and carried out by professionals at your surgery.

For more information on the types of posters we can offer you to advertise and inform on your facial aesthetics services, contact Designer Dental now.

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