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How to make sure your patients remember your practice

Gaining recommendations from your patients can be tricky, but it is an excellent way to market your dental practice. After all, people are most likely to take advice from someone they know, and whose opinions they trust. Ensuring that your practice comes off well to these people is therefore very useful.

So, what is the best way to make your patients remember your practice? There are actually plenty of options, although it is wise to bear in mind that you want a positive recommendation from your patients. There is no point in being memorable for the wrong reasons!

Obviously, providing the very best service for your patients is essential. Treat everyone that comes through your door with a professional, friendly manner, and make sure that they receive the best care.

However, that should all be a given, and will not set your practice apart from others’. The best way to do that is to go above and beyond what is expected of you, which should pleasantly surprise your patients.

For example, often patients will have queries about various dental procedures. You should be ready to inform them as comprehensively as possible, but bear in mind that the technical details might be difficult for people without a dental qualification to remember.

The most successful dental practices will have a good supply of informational leaflets, or something similar, that can be handed out to anybody with such a query. You can talk them through the leaflet, and leave it with them so they have permanent access to the information. They will also have a nice example of your practice’s branding, which should help you stick in their mind.

Another option is to provide your patients with something unusual, but useful, that they would not necessarily get from another practice. This will be a good conversation starter, as well as being interesting enough to be memorable.

An example of this is a smile menu. This is a simple leaflet that Designer Dental produce that lets patients lay out precisely what concerns them about their teeth. This gives them a better understanding of what procedures are available to them.

For example, your patients may not realise that their silver filling can be replace with tooth-coloured ones. A smile menu can inform them of options such as this. Most dental practices do not have anything like this, so it will be a nice unusual option as well as something useful for your patients.

Of course, one of the best ways to impress patients enough to recommend your practice to friends and family is to make sure that your practice looks professional and makes the best impression. One way to achieve this is to improve your image and branding.

This can be a difficult task, and it is often difficult to distance yourself enough from your practice to see exactly what needs improving about your branding. Luckily, agencies like Designer Dental can help you achieve an image that will leave a lasting positive impression on your patients.

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