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How to grab people’s attention with your posters

Signs and posters are one of the most common methods of marketing a business, so your dental practice could see real benefits from getting the attention of potential new patients. It’s vital to ensure you are designing the posters to get the message across clearly, without too many distracting additions.


If your practice is using posters to grab attention, you need to make sure the message is easy to read and comprehend. People live busy lives and they don’t have time to stop and examine a page full of text that explains all the procedures offered and how much you charge.


Choosing the right colours is important, as certain shades are associated with different emotions in people. As a dental practice, your very presence could cause anxiety in some patients. It is therefore important to incorporate soothing colours, which could unconsciously put people at ease. Use more shades of blue and turquoise than any others. However, you need to strike a balance – if the colours are too muted, the poster could fade into the background and never be noticed.


Another element of the poster that could help to reassure people without them realising is font choice. Choose a strong and serious font to convey professionalism, rather than one that looks like handwriting. A business like yours would also benefit from avoiding experimentation with your text. Don’t make it difficult to people to work out what they’re reading.

Call to action

By giving potential patients an instruction to call you or find out more through your website, you give your practice a better chance of seeing a return on investment from your posters. Various studies have found that customers are more likely to respond to a piece of marketing content if a call to action is present, so ensure yours is easy to read and that you provide all the contact details necessary. This makes it easy for passers-by to snap a quick photo or remember your website to visit later.

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