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How to get the most out of video advert campaigns

Previously, we’ve mentioned that visuals – videos, gifs, images etc – are becoming more and more important in marketing than editorial or text-based messages. This is because most marketing is done in a digital format and people/target audiences are more likely to be engaged with images rather than by scrolls of text.

However, you don’t just have to think about the content of your videos but you also need to put consideration into the fact that a lot of people are watching videos on their mobiles.

Marketing Tech Blog says that research indicates that mobile video adverts are becoming one of the best ways for all kinds of brands to showcase their products. Although it might not seem relevant for you to market your dental services in video adverts, the reality is that videos are a great way to get in front of your audience in a manner that surprises them. Think of how often people are sitting by themselves staring down at their phones – this is your opportunity to advertise!

Benefits of video adverts are different from any other format because they offer high click-through rates and have a higher retention than other marketing. Business Insider has said that video adverts actually have a 1.84 per cent click-through, which is far ahead of other formats.

To make your video ad engaging, you should allow your consumer to research and explore your product, as well as informing them. Use it to tell a story, after all this is what video gives you the freedom to do over stills like banners.

Don’t forget to keep the message simple and clear, you don’t want to lose what you’re selling by being too clever about what you’re producing. We would also recommend that you choose good background music, simply because a lot of people are plugged into their mobiles through their headphones. If they don’t like the music that blares out of the advert, they won’t keep watching it.

Most of all, find a way to tie your message back to your product. As a dental surgery, there are so many products and services that you can showcase to your best advantage, don’t let it get lost.

For information on how to make a great video or a static advert, contact Designer Dental now.

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