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How to get an effective message across with Designer Dental

Posted by Allie Wright

As a successful dental practice, communicating with your patients in an informed, reassured manner about key issues surrounding oral health is an important role to play.

By getting out the right message to your patients, you can both proactively promote good oral health while also potentially preventing further procedures and treatments needed in the future.

This in turn can massively improve your relationship with a patient. By offering advice in a professional manner you can further build on that level of trust which starts in the surgery. If a patient feels safe with you, they are much more likely to recommend you to their family and friends.

In order to achieve this there are several key points to understand:

Stats are good

A simple message on its own is not always enough. For example, a recent news story claiming half of all children in the UK risk rotting teeth thanks to sugary drinks and snacking between meals carries a strong message, but without verifiable statistics it is unlikely to be taken seriously by the majority.

In this case, the newspaper quotes a survey by the Department of Health – which says six out of ten children suffer from, or are at high risk of suffering from, gum or tooth decay by the time they are 17 years old.

Facts like this, when used effectively and from an official source which people will trust, can really be the difference in whether the patient takes note of your message or not. If you are looking for facts and figures, the websites of the British Dental Association, General Dental Council and similar bodies are a good place to start.

The shock factor

Every dental professional can admit to seeing some grisly sights from time to time. The unfortunate thing it is already too late to prevent whatever condition happening to the patient who is presenting said grisly sight.

One key to preventing further patients succumbing to a similar fate would be to literally show them the end result of what could be if they carry on in the direction they are heading with poor oral health practices.

Similarly to the effect cold hard facts and figures can have on a standalone message, many pieces of dental marketing to raise awareness of how patients should look after themselves will benefit from visual aids. Shocking someone into action is not necessarily a bad thing.

How the message is delivered

If you have a message you want to share, then it is important it is seen in the right places, by the right people. Designer Dental offers a range of marketing products to help you get the information shared with your patients and our 15 years of experience will help you choose the most effective means with which to deliver that message.

From dental posters in the surgery to leaflets mailed out with appointment reminders, here at Designer Dental we will make sure that your pro-active health message is memorable and produced to a high standard.

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