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How to direct mail

For some, direct mail can seem like an old-fashioned method of marketing, however, the reality is that in an industry where everyone is trying to stand out, traditional forms of communication can actually be a big help.

If you have a direct mail catalogue or leaflet that is well-designed, catchy and hits the right demographic you’re sure to see a great response to your campaign.

Perhaps it might seem as though direct mail is a more antiquated version of marketing, but there are many reasons why it is a viable option for your surgery or practice.

One of the main reasons is that it is highly targeted, what this means is that each direct mail campaign can be specifically tailored for different audiences. You can make several different send-outs in order to reach the different areas of your target audience.

You might have a campaign that is perfect for customers that are young and old, but you may require different approaches for them. This is where direct mail can be great, because you can have the same message running through the letters, while having this message presented in different ways.

It’s also easy to personalise direct mail, as you have access to your customers’ names and other personal information. You can use this to create messages for specific problems with their dental health, or other related issues they might be concerned about.

Due to being detail-orientated like this, the direct mail approach can be very much appreciated by your consumers.

With Designer Dental, you can benefit from our targeted direct mail campaigns, which cover UK postcodes including all London Boroughs, towns and villages.

Our direct mail service offers leaflet distribution, which will be hand delivered by adult uniformed teams with short lead times and a quick and easy direct mail process.

The main advantage we see for you, is that direct mail gives your consumers undivided attention, because adverts and billboards reach out to groups, but a letter is addressed to one person.

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