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How the right design and wording can give your posters maximum impact

Posters can make a big difference to patient awareness of and interest in the range of services your dental practice offers.

However, to ensure you are getting maximum results from this particular marketing tool, it’s vital to get two fundamental elements of your posters right: the design and the wording.


Posters should be designed in a way that immediately grabs the viewer’s attention and holds it for long enough to get your message across. This can be achieved through techniques such as using vibrant, contrasting colours and striking images that give a visual representation of what your practice is able to offer.

It can often prove effective to have one large visual element that makes a big impact, rather than trying to squeeze too much into a limited space. This helps to catch the viewer’s eye and gives them something to remember.

‘Less is more’ is a principle that often applies to poster design. Empty space can be used to amplify and draw attention to the main visual elements.

Furthermore, it’s important to think about the area in which your poster will be placed, and whether the design is in harmony with the surrounding colours and style of decoration.


Posters are effective in grabbing people’s attention, but the chances are you won’t have it for long. It’s therefore crucial to word your messaging in a way that expresses your point as succinctly and memorably as possible.

Once again, ‘less is more’ should be the driving principle. Think carefully about exactly what you want the viewer to take away from the poster, and tailor the wording accordingly.

One frequently used and reliable technique is to have just one or a few words prominently positioned in a bold font to attract the eye, followed by extra copy that elaborates on your services or encourages people to make a booking.

Designer Dental offers a fully bespoke poster design service, giving you complete control over the style and messaging of your most valuable marketing materials.

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