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How posters can help your practice promote specialist services

Posters can serve many valuable functions for dental practices, from providing a powerful visual representation of your core services to advertising a recently launched special offer.

If your practice is heavily focused on certain specialist offerings, posters can help draw attention to them. Here are a few examples of key service areas where a strong visual asset can make a big contribution to patient awareness:

Cosmetic treatments

For people considering cosmetic services, the final decision on whether or not to go ahead could well be dictated by the promise of an excellent end result.

A vivid, striking poster is one of the most effective ways of showing the beautiful smile your patient could gain from the right treatment.

Children and family

All parents want to protect their children’s dental health, but it can be easy to fall into the bad habit of visiting the dentist less regularly than is recommended.

Focused posters drawing attention to your children and family services help to remind parents just how important it is to keep their kids’ teeth and gums healthy.


Orthodontic treatments are all about improving the alignment and appearance of crooked, protruding or crowded teeth, and addressing problems related to the bite of the teeth.

For people who have experienced these issues but haven’t done anything about it, a targeted poster could be what’s needed to refocus their attention and help them overcome their reluctance.

Special occasions

Whether it’s a wedding, a big anniversary party or some other special event, there are plenty of occasions where people want to look their best, and that includes having a set of sparkling pearly whites for the photos.

Well-designed posters can have a powerful aspirational effect, providing an insight into the difference dental treatments can make for anyone preparing for a big day.

To see how Designer Dental can help you promote your specialist services with striking and bespoke posters, visit our online shop.

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