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How great dental marketing can help calm nervous children

No matter how friendly and welcoming you try to make your dental surgery, some patients are going to feel on edge during their visit. This is especially true for young children who don’t always understand why they are there or what is happening – but with a bit of extra effort and some cleverly planned dental marketing materials, you can quell your young patients’ fears.

Whether you specialise in children’s dentistry or you run a family practice that caters to patients of all ages, here are some of our top tips for making a youngster’s visit to the dentist a more fun experience:

  • Offer kid-friendly leaflets – Children love to feel in control, so giving them information sheets and other materials can give them a sense of ownership over their dental hygiene early on. Having a set that is designed and written for younger readers can make these even more effective.
  • Create a welcoming waiting room – A bright and inviting waiting room can help to make children feel better and distract them from any fear they might be feeling. Have a few toys available, along with colouring pages and books – or maybe create a kids’ corner full of fun tooth-related facts and fun dental-themed decorations.
  • Attend community events – By taking part in the local community, you can build your reputation and meet potential patients (including younger ones) in a setting outside the surgery. Have plenty of informational leaflets and other marketing materials on-hand and consider having special gifts to give out to kids, helping to ensure their first experience with you is a positive one. You could even consider organising school visits to your practice.
  • Add a kids’ space on your website – A child-friendly section on your website can provide little ones with a useful introduction to your surgery, the team and the types of equipment they might encounter before they arrive. Parents can use the website to teach children about the trip to the dentist before they go, and pictures of other children at the dental surgery could also help to reduce apprehension.

Here at Designer Dental Marketing, we can help you to create a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere at your dental surgery. Our range of signs and posters can make a space more inviting, while information leaflets and welcome packs can help patients of any age feel comfortable and informed.

To find out more about how we can help you better market your dental surgery, please contact us today.

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