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How an advertorial can boost your message

A mixture of editorial and adverts: an advertorial is a really good way to join the content marketing world, which is the modern way of marketing and advertising your messages.

By creating an advertorial, you’ll be able to reach a much bigger audience, particularly if you have well-designed content that has a strong headline message and a call to action.

Advertorials can have much more weight to them than standard adverts and they can be one of the best ways to open up your services and products to a wider audience.

They are a form of content marketing, which has been a popular way for companies to advertise their products and services than older, more traditional methods of communication.

Although it will advertise your product, it is completely different from a dental practice advert because you will write an article for a magazine or newspaper about an issue, or even a service that you can relate to your dental surgery.

You may have seen them before in magazines already, covering a varying range of topics from science to fashion.

People approach advertorials in a different way to adverts though, as they tend to read articles, particularly if they’re newsworthy.

By taking out an advertorial, you can communicate something very specific and important to your audience, reaching them on a deeper level than with a standard strapline or slogan message.

Thanks to our knowledge of the dental practice advertising industry we are able to provide content that is engaging for the purposes of an editorial, while coupling it with images and designs that are eye-catching.

Building an advertising campaign is considered by many to be the centre of a marketing strategy, meaning that everything else you do to circulate your message can be influenced by the advertorial.

Something that can strengthen your message even further is if you pair your advertorial with a follow-up advert. By doing this, you’re condensing the original communication but helping your audience recognise that you have a theme.

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