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How a strong logo can play a vital role in building your brand

It’s therefore crucial that an organisation gets its branding right, with all the design elements working cohesively to get the right message across to a target audience.

So what crucial factors need to be considered if a logo is to play a part in boosting a brand?

Understand its purpose

A logo is a visual representation of a brand’s identity, which means it needs to convey certain pieces of information and characteristics. 

For instance, a firm that prides itself on being cutting edge and innovative might have a very clean, minimal and angular design to emphasise these points.

Alternatively, a rounder logo with warmer colours might work better for an organisation in the service industry.

Marketers must decide exactly what traits they wish to portray before designing a logo, so its key purpose and objectives are kept firmly in mind throughout the design process.

They must also remember that sloppy design mistakes reflect badly on a firm, whereas a slick and cohesive logo lets people know a business is competent and professional.

Use the logo consistently

A logo provides a quick and easy visual point of reference both for existing and prospective customers.

All brands, including dental practices, must therefore use it across all their advertising and marketing materials, from their webpages and leaflets to posters and promotional merchandise, in order to be recognised and deliver a coherent, consistent message on different platforms.

Logos are part of wider brand identity

A logo must work in tandem with an organisation’s wider marketing efforts. As a result, other design decisions, such as the colour scheme and fonts on a piece of visual marketing, must be made in a way that complements and enhances the logo, rather than contradicts or undermines it. 

If you’d like advice on how to optimise your marketing efforts, get in touch with us here at Designer Dental.

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