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How a company Facebook page can boost awareness of your dental surgery

There’s no denying the importance of Facebook as an element of 21st century life, not only for the billions of people who use it every day, but for businesses, too.

With so many people spending their time on the social network, any company that doesn’t have a strong presence on it could be depriving itself of some valuable opportunities.

Here are some of the ways dental surgeries can use a Facebook page to boost their profile.

Engage in conversation

Many consumers today will be much more likely to get involved in conversations with brands online than to make a phone call or send an email. Platforms like Facebook provide an invaluable opportunity to engage in discussion with people, even if it’s something as simple as responding to the occasional comment or giving a timely response to a question.

Make a visual impression

Social media is dominated by visual content. Having bright, striking imagery on your Facebook page is likely to prove much more effective than reams of text when it comes to capturing people’s attention and boosting awareness.

One possible approach is to use images and video to capture the attention of your audience, and well-written, engaging copy to get your core message across.

Don’t be afraid of humour

Remember that most people use Facebook for social and leisure purposes, so any content from businesses that comes across as too serious or humourless is likely to be an instant turn-off.

Don’t be afraid to take a light-hearted approach to your social media activity, as long as you remain focused on the primary goal of your messages.

Keep it fresh

If your Facebook page is left to stagnate, there is little to no chance that users will give it much attention or make return visits.

Make sure you are regularly updating your profile, adding content and posting about subjects that are likely to interest your audience. Keeping your social media accounts fresh and interesting will help to hold viewers’ attention and keep your brand visible.

For more information on solutions and strategies that could drive awareness of your dental practice, get in touch with Designer Dental.

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