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Hot weather has dental health benefits

We all need an excuse to get outside and enjoy the heatwave. This summer, dentists are giving us a great us a great incentive.

The recent warm weeks could be doing the nation a world of good as research suggests that sun is great for your dental health.

Vitamin D, produced by the body in response to the sun, helps to fight out tooth decay, tooth loss and gum disease. Excellent for building strong bones, we can best absorb the nutrient when exposed to the sun.

Although found in certain foods such as fish, eggs and soy products, catching the rays is the quickest and easiest way to get your vitamin fill.

With such fantastic health rewards, it’s no wonder Britons are taking to the beaches in their masses.

The chief executive of the British Dental Association, Dr Nigel Carter, urged the public to get outside. He said: “We have just been through a long, cold winter, which could mean many people are suffering from a vitamin D deficiency. Add to this the increasing number of children with tooth decay, and it suddenly it doesn’t seem as frivolous.”

However, summer is not without it’s low points. Dr Carter also emphasises the problems of sugary holiday food.

He said: “Fruit juices, fizzy and alcoholic drinks, ice-cream and lollies iced-coffees and berries are among some of the worst foods and drinks for your teeth. If you’re going to have these, it’s best not to snack on them throughout the day.”

Keeping hydrated with bottled water is also good for your teeth and can wash away harmful bacteria.

By keeping teeth clean between meals and brushing regularly, people can make sure their teeth remain in top condition. Professionals can use dental marketing to raise awareness of a toothy grin.

A dental poster in the waiting room or a leaflet through the door can do a world of good and get people thinking about their own oral hygiene.

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