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Getting specific messages across

When it comes to marketing your products and services, there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all method, which is why many of the products that we provide you with are customisable.

For example, if you are looking to do a feature on the range of orthodontic care you offer, perhaps some invisible braces, you might be interested in our variety of posters on this topic.

There are standard posters, or you can customise your own message and font on these posters making your message and therefore your service unique.

Posters are also a very good way of putting across a simple but effective message that is usually a one-off.

As we’ve said before, a-boards are also great for advertising your services and you can put different posters in each side, or swap them out as often as you like.

In this way, posters combined with a-boards are going to be really helpful when you are building a campaign to market a specific product or service.

For example, you can create posters to raise awareness about dental health, or educate customers about your treatments. In summer, for example, you might want to advertise different oral cleaning services or have a set of posters that show the effects of fruit acid on their teeth, so they don’t overdo juice when it’s warm outside.

It’s not just important to consider the type of message that you put on your posters, as people are attracted by things that are visually appealing.

For this reason, we offer our printing service on canvas, which can make them look and feel more contemporary. Using this material might suit the appearance of your surgery more too, making the delivery of your message a more natural approach.

The best thing about constructing your own poster is that you can make sure your own logo and branding runs through the message that you want to send.

Even if your posters are up in different areas, your customers are going to be able recognise your brand anywhere, meaning that even if you aren’t there – your products and services will be championed regardless.

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