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Free up some time in your practice with a treatment coordinator

Dentists do an awful lot in their practices. In addition to treating patients, they typically must deal with administrative tasks, manage the practice’s finances and make executive decisions. However, one of the most important but time-consuming elements of a dentist’s day is making sure patients are fully-informed about all their treatment options.

This is not something a dentist can neglect, however it takes a sizeable chunk of their time. For many practices, the most efficient and cost-effective thing to do about this situation is to hire a treatment coordinator.

It may seem counterintuitive to hire a new member of staff in order to save money, but the increase in productivity will be worth it. A treatment coordinator’s job is essentially to talk to your patients about all their options, a process that can take almost as much time as the treatments. If you do not have to do this, you will be able to get on with dental work.

The extra productivity this can bring is estimated to be at least 20 per cent per year. In turn you will be able to treat more patients per day, which can lead to a profitability increase of around 30 per cent – more than worth hiring a new member of staff.

Of course, you will need to make sure your treatment coordinator is as knowledgeable and well-trained as possible. They will have a lot of contact with your patients, so the better they are at their job, the better your practice will be thought of.

A good way to ensure this is to invest in a Treatment Coordinator Manual. This 102-page text contains everything your new member of staff will need to know, encompassing a reference book and training aid all in one.

The manual contains information about all the practical aspects of being a treatment coordinator, enabling them to quickly look up anything they are not 100 per cent sure about. This can be incredibly useful in the first few weeks of the job, as they probably won’t be all that well-versed on certain elements of dental treatment.

However, perhaps even more valuable to your practice are the many sections full of hints, tips and scripts based around the day-to-day dealings with patients. Of particular use are the scripts for emails and telephone calls, which will give your treatment coordinator a good grounding in the language needed to be friendly and professional to patients.

The manual can even be branded with your practice’s logo or slogan, so it will seem even more professional to patients that see it in use. It also contains plenty of space for notes to be made, so it can be of continuous use as a training aid.

With a Treatment Coordinator Manual, you can ensure that anybody you hire for the position will be able to jump straight into the job with few issues. This means you can get on with treating patients, with your schedule freed up to focus on your work.

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