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Free consultations to launch Tooth Wear Awareness Month

Complimentary tooth wear consultations are to be offered for free by the London Tooth Wear Centre (LTWC) in October as part of its Tooth Wear Awareness Month.

Tooth wear can be caused by grinding or clenching of the teeth, and is often associated with stress. However only severe cases of grinding are likely to result in patients suffering from tooth wear.

Eating and drinking acid-high food and drink can also contribute to wear.

Professor Andrew Eder from the LTWC said: “The government’s five a day campaign recommends eating a minimum of 400g of fruit and vegetables a day.
“While this is imperative, selecting fruit more often than vegetables and especially as a snack can lead to tooth wear,” he added.

Other causes include over-zealous brushing of the teeth and recreational drug use.

During the last Adult Dental Health Survey in 2009, moderate tooth wear was reported to have increased by 4 per cent among the population over the last decade. However, severe cases of the condition remained rare.

The survey also said it was clinically important to note that an increasing proportion of younger adults were reporting moderate wear.

Symptoms can include jaw ache, headaches, sensitivity and difficulty chewing.

The complimentary consultations will see a patient’s teeth clinically examined to determine whether they are suffering from tooth wear, along with holistic advice to help prevent any further issues. 

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