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Format makes a difference with A/B testing

When you’re creating a newsletter, you can have the best information, written in the clearest way to appeal to your customer base but, as good as the content is it can suffer if you don’t have it presented in a format that is easy to read.

Similarly, things like newsletters have to be visually appealing, as you have to assume that people’s email inboxes quickly get filled up and they’re going to want to read things that look stimulating.

The difficulty in this, is that it can be difficult to know how to present the information in the best way, in order to make it as engaging as possible for your audience.

Formatting is really important, and it can be as simple as moving things around, or changing fonts to make a real positive difference.

Although it sounds difficult, you can actually get over this hurdle really easily, by using A/B testing, which is sometimes known as split testing.

It’s worth pointing out that this technique isn’t only useful for newsletters – you can also employ it to harvest the best versions of your website and different web pages.

Basically, you compares two web pages, or newsletters (A and B) and send them to similar, targeted groups at the same time. What you’re looking for is to see which format receives the best – i.e. the largest – response so that you know what standardised format to use in the future.

It’s all about conversion rates here: If you have a product that you hope to push and want to sell through your website, then A/B testing is a good way of sending out advertising mailers.

The more people who choose one of the mailers over the other and go through the buyer’s cycle to end up purchasing the product will tell you which is the most effective format for improving your conversion rate.

If you are finding that you struggle to get click-throughs or conversions to sales then A/B testing is a sure-fire way to help you deduce where you are going wrong and show you how to improve.

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