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Engage your patients with a dental slideshow

One of the challenges of dental marketing is engaging patients with the messages you are trying to get across. Leaflets and brochures are an excellent way of imparting information to many of those visiting your practice, but some do not engage with this type of marketing at all.

How can you reach people who are not affected by leaflets? One way to do so is to introduce something into your practice that a wandering mind can easily focus on. The key aspect is that it should be simple. Picking up a leaflet requires a patient to already have a certain interest, whereas other marketing methods are more passive.

A great option to engage this type of patient is a dental slideshow. Setting up a slideshow to play in your waiting room can be a very effective way of marketing your dental practice and the treatments and services you offer to people who are not affected by other marketing methods.

The ever-changing nature of a slideshow means it is automatically more interesting to some people, as it is constantly bringing them new information. It also does not require the patient to make any effort; it is simply another aspect of the waiting room to observe, and it is all too easy for a daydreaming patient to end up focusing on it.

A practice slideshow is easy to set up. You simply need a series of static adverts that you want displayed in your practice. Designer Dental offers a number of packages, enabling you to have 20, 25 or even 30 images on the go at a time, cycling through for your patients to see.

While a package with fewer adverts is cheaper, it is not quite as effective a marketing tool. The strength of a slideshow is that it is constantly offering your patients new information. The more images you have on it, the less likely it is that patients will see repeats, which may reduce their interest.

You can also add music to the slideshow, making it more an integrated part of your practice’s waiting room. This can be a good way of enhancing both the room and the slideshow. The transition between adverts will seem a lot more natural if it is tied to the beat of the music, and will seem even more professional.

Of course, you might be wondering how you would have a slideshow if you do not have 20 adverts to put on it. However, there is no need to worry, as Designer Dental can help you out with that as well. If you need them, the marketing experts can provide you with a series of bespoke adverts that are specific to your practice.

Overall, a slideshow in your waiting room is an excellent way of capturing your patients’ attention before they undergo their procedure. If a service flashes up on screen that the patient is vaguely interested in, it is often enough to grab their attention and spur them on to asking you more about it.

It is an innovative way to advertise your practice that is not often used, so it also sets you apart from other dentists. All these reasons add up to making a slideshow an excellent dental marketing tool.

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