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Encourage your patients to be proud of their smiles with branded mirrors

Many dental practices have adopted an image based around encouraging their patients to be proud of their smile, and this is an excellent way to promote both good dental care and your practice’s brand. One way you can add to this message is with branded mirrors, which is a great way to increase your practice’s exposure.

The recent trend towards promoting the smiles of patients is a highly-effective one. Firstly, it goes a long way towards shedding the negative image many people have of dentists, largely due to fear of the procedures. It helps people to associate your practice with the happy image of a smile, rather than that of sitting through an unpleasant treatment.

It also encourages your patients to take better care of their teeth. It entreats them to make an effort to have a smile they can be proud of. This kind of positive reinforcement, gently prodding them towards putting a bit of extra work into being happier with their appearance rather than trying to scare them about what will happen if they don’t, is very effective.

It can also be the nudge that some patients need to opt for orthodontic treatments such as braces. The discomfort of such procedures can put people off, but encouragement to be proud of their smile can convince them that it will be worth it in the long run. This can then end up improving their quality of life.

If you have adopted this style of dental marketing, you can add to it by handing out branded mirrors to your patients. These fit in extremely well with branding based around smiles, as they can be easily linked in with the need to make sure your teeth are clean while out and about.

By linking free gifts such as this in with your branding, you can really reinforce the message entreating patients to be proud of their smiles. This makes the branding all the more powerful, as it shows that you are committed to the ideal and therefore makes it less likely that patients will think of it as a meaningless slogan.

These are useful bits of kit for people to carry around with them. People who regularly wear makeup can use them for a quick touch-up, and they are handy when shopping for fashion accessories. This makes them much more useful as a marketing tool than disposable gifts that are easily thrown away and forgotten about.

Their usefulness means people will keep hold of them for a long time, which increases your brand exposure. The more people who see your dental marketing materials, the better, as it means more potential patients will be aware of your practice.

The branding on the back of these mirrors achieves that very well. Whenever a patient uses the mirrors in public, they will be showing the back to anyone around them. This serves as useful advertising for your practice, as the more people are aware of it the more they will opt for it when they need a dentist, as it will be the first practice to spring to mind.

There are many good reasons to give out branded mirrors, and they can be a valuable addition to your dental marketing strategy.

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