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Email marketing myths that may be hurting your dental marketing

Email is becoming one of the most popular ways for people to enhance their company message, particularly when it comes to dental marketing.

However, the fact that it is popular means there are lots of email senders fighting for your client’s attention, which in turn necessitates that you have to make your messages as strong as possible.

There are lots of great tips and hints that you can follow to ensure you have a strong channel of email communication with your patients. But you need to be careful, as there are also a plethora of email marketing myths that could actually be hurting your process.

This can be easily done because you could be using an approach that worked perfectly a year or so ago, but this might be getting stale or dull due a lack of inspiration. You might have realised that you need to change your email marketing but it can be hard to know where to make improvements.

We’ve picked out just a few common misconceptions that could be halting the progress of your email marketing and how you can overcome them to produce newsletters and eshots that not only look great but also reach the optimum number of your audience.

Don’t remove recipients from your list; many people say this is a negative process, however people who are unengaged aren’t part of your core demographic and you should drop them from your list as soon as possible.

Unsubscribers are bad news; although you don’t want to be losing huge numbers of people, a group of unsubscribers can be very telling about how people are viewing your email marketing. You might need to shake up the content or change the way it looks to increase engagement and click-throughs to your website. Listen to what your patients are saying about the information you’re putting out and don’t forget that silence is just as telling as fully formed feedback.

The more images, the better; in general, your patients are going to be more engaged with visually appealing information, rather than reels of text. However, you shouldn’t be using superfluous images to fill space, instead you should be thinking about how they relate to your message. Think twice before pasting in a graphic of teeth or dental instruments and instead ask yourself, ‘What do I want this to add to my email marketing?’.

Personalisation isn’t important; this is completely untrue in any sense of marketing but particularly when it comes to email messages. In an increasingly digital world, personalisation is becoming one of the most important tools you have to engage your patients, whether they’re brand new or have been with you for a long time.

There are lots of other myths out there to be debunked but these are a good stepping stone to get you started.

For information on how we can help you deliver a email newsletters and eshots that look and sound great, contact Designer Dental now.

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