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Designer Dental referral packs put you in the driving seat

Dental referral packs are an increasingly important tool for communication between practices.

Standing at the forefront of dental marketing, Designer Dental can provide you with clear, clean referral packs which show off the professionalism of your workplace.

Bespoke packages, tailored to you and your personal style, will allow others to see you as a highly reputable source. As a result, oral health workers will return to you again and again.

Image is everything, not only in the dental industry but in the wider world. By providing your business with a polished, unified image, Designer Dental helps to build your surgery into a leading brand and highlights your particular specialities.

Promoting your surgery

A dental referral pack is a perfect opportunity to showcase your surgery to its best advantage.

Frequently seen and shared among professionals, a referral pack must reveal your surgery as a credible source that can be returned to time after time.

Our packages offer an intelligent, innovative design. Your pack will allow for quick and simple referrals and make you stand out as a surgery who is easy to do business with.

Designer Dental also has a strong range of dental referral cards for you to distribute to existing patients, so they can recommend you to friends and family.

Passing on your clients

All dentists want what is best for their patients. Referral packs are a sign that you are happy to recommend the best route of dental care for your clients by putting them in touch with other specialists.

Referral packs must be clear in layout, design and content, making sure fellow dentists can understand new information to maximum effect.

We all know that after a long day at the office, absorbing details can be hard work. By making your bespoke referral pack is easy to understand with clearly laid out facts, you can make a world of difference to a hectic day.

An easy to use patient guide within your pack can really show that you have your finger on the marketing pulse.

A reputable company

Here at Designer Dental, our helpful team have 15 years of marketing experience, promoting practices and allowing dentists to reach as many potential patients as possible.

Our qualified staff undergo regular training to make sure they are up to date with the best procedures and innovations in marketing, providing the best service for you.

We are highly respected within the industry and have produced many satisfied customers. Just ask some of our recent clients:

Dr Edward Masheder, principal dentist at Bow House follow Designer Dental guidelines and reaped the excellent results.

“I can’t believe I have a full book bursting with private patients. We’ve gone from zero – to nearly a million turnover in the space of two years. I always believe if you are going to do something, do it properly.”

Alan Scaplehorn BDS was delighted with Designer Dental’s “creativity, attention to detail and professionalism”. He was keen to recommend our “invaluable” skills and products which “were beautifully produced and delivered on time”.

If you want to join our long list of happy dentists, contact us on our website today and find the products that will most suit you.

Posted by Yvonne Wallace

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