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Designer Dental keeps your patients up to date

Dental patient newsletters are a great way of advertising your services. You can list your treatments alongside all the latest news and updates from your surgery.

However, this style of dental marketing offers so much more. These colourful printed news sheets are an easy way to really bring your patients closer to the dental world.

An engaging read

A patient newsletter can be sent out at regular intervals during the year, presenting informative and educational news to your wide client base. By doing this you are reinforcing your brand, making sure your message of positive dental care is extended to a home environment.

Engage with patients directly, allowing them to take part in fundraisers or dental events in the local area, making them aware of things they can be closely involved with.

Add a more personal approach by talking about your staff. Showcase their achievements, both in and outside of the workplace, to really build a sense of sharing and trust around your practice. Making your workplace person-focused and character driven can really make you stand out as a place as a place of professional care.

Practical information

Some of the best things to include in your newsletter can be changes to your services or appointment procedures, industry developments which affect patient waiting times, or renovation updates to make sure they feel involved in the progress of the surgery.

However, one of the best things to include can be quick and simple ways to keep on top of their dental hygiene. Providing a rundown of great oral health measures will provide a great way to get your patients thinking about their teeth as part of their daily lives.

A polished and interesting read, your dental patient newsletter brings you to a whole new level of marketing. Make the most of your services and place them around your waiting room too, as a great alternative to magazines and newspapers.

Designer Dental wants what’s best for you as well as your clients. By keeping your clients well informed as to what is going on at your practice, you are creating a professional, reputable dialogue, making sure your patients come back to you time after time.

Dental success

Here at Designer Dental, we have many satisfied customers willing to testify for our excellent services.

Distinctive Dentistry was raring to telling us their positive opinion: “Thank you for your fantastic effort to help us out with our leaflet emergency. We really appreciate the trouble you all took to deliver at such short notice. Great customer service!” They offered a massive thank you for our work.

Another client, Complete Crown and Bridge Laboratory, was happy to flash their pearly whites. They said: “You have made it such a simple process from start to finish, and carried out our wishes to the letter. We will definitely be recommending Designer Dental to other labs and surgeons, as the service you provide is fantastic!”

Our helpful team are always willing to go the extra mile for our customers. If you want to join our ever-expanding list of clients, contact us on our website today to find out more.

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