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Dentists ‘can provide relief for sleep illnesses’

Dental professionals have been highlighted among the best practitioners to provide support for individuals suffering from a broad range of sleep illnesses, through providing bespoke mandibular advancement devices (MAD).

An article published by suggested that oral health experts should be aware that they are treating chronic and in some cases worsening lifelong conditions that could present many challenges on the road to recovery.

On top of this, dentists are tasked with providing excellence in patient care, technique and choice of appliance prescribed.

According to experts, sleep medicine is expanding quickly in the western world, as problems including snoring and obstructive sleep apnoea continue to affect high numbers of individuals from a variety of backgrounds.

When it comes to treating these conditions, continuous positive air pressure has been cited as the treatment of choice for the latter condition. However, come professionals claim that compliance and availability can limit success.

For this reason, many individuals with chronic snoring and mild obstructive sleep apnoea remain untreated.

Professionals are urged to educate their patients about how they can receive help for these conditions through dental marketing, which can provide valuable information on how best to relieve the symptoms of the two issues.

Ensuring that members of the public remain in-the-know about how their oral health can affect their overall wellbeing is an important consideration for dentists, as it means they are more likely to get help for any problems they may be experiencing.

When treating the conditions, dental professionals have been advised to streamline devices, while enhancing rather than encroaching into tongue space, which gives forward protrusion with minimal vertical jaw opening.

Mandibular advancement devices should also allow normal jaw movements, except in a backward direction – as well as complimenting management of temporomandibular joint dysfunction management.

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