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Dentist sued after failing to spot 11 rotting teeth

It is sometimes hard to be surprised that dentists need to invest in high-quality dental marketing when the damage to the profession’s reputation is seen. People are often scared or otherwise unwilling to visit the dentist, and every so often a story surfaces that helps explain why.

Most recently, the tale of a man who lost 11 teeth has been making the news. Ian Lisle, 51, had been going to his dentist for 14 years, and got regular check-ups. That particular professional did not spot any signs of tooth decay.

As a result, Mr Lisle believed his teeth were in fairly good condition. However, when he went to a second dentist for a single dental implant, he was told that he was suffering from major tooth decay. In fact, they were beyond repair.

“I went for regular check-ups that whole time and as far as I was concerned there was no problem,” said Mr Lisle. “You trust these people implicitly. Suddenly I start losing teeth – it was one at first, then a few, then a few more and I couldn’t understand it.

“When I went to see an implantologist, the full extent of the damage came to light and I was told even more of my teeth would have to come out. It was horrifying. I’ll never know how it was allowed to get as bad as it did. It’s had a massive impact on my confidence and my life as a whole.”

Luckily for Mr Lisle, he was able to successfully sue his former dentist to the tune of £42,500 in order to pay for the extensive implant work required to deal with the damage. However, this is not good news for the dental profession as a whole.

Incidents like these stick in the popular imagination, as unfortunately the millions of successful dental procedures do not make the news. As such, dentists need to invest in good dental marketing in order to try and get rid of the profession’s bad reputation.

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