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Dentist aims to ease children’s fears with book

Many people can be sceptical or even fearful of going to the dentist, with it being one of the most common reasons patients don’t get their regular check ups. However, young patients are some of the most likely to suffer from a little anxiety when heading to the dentist’s chair.

Now a dentist from Coventry has decided to help his young patients overcome their fears when they enter his practice. 

Amrik Bhandal has written a book called “Ralphie Rabbit and the Achy Tooth”, the Coventry Telegraph reports.

Although aimed mainly at children, the book could also be used to help adults overcome their fears and anxieties about managing their oral health.

In the book, Ralphie – a rabbit who is afraid of the dentist – manages to face his fears with the help of Mr Bhandal.

Amrik Bhandal said: “We decided to create the book because we believe that, if tackled young, this fear can be fully eradicated. Children will pick up on fear quickly, and in many cases inherit this fear from their parents, so it is important that all parties work together. This new book is a fantastic way of achieving this synergy.”

It is hoped this book will be well received by both the families and children of Coventry.

Giving children a positive experience at the dentist from a young age can ensure that they will get their dental health check ups for the rest of their life. Otherwise it can be difficult to engage them back to any dental practice.

Bhandal Dental Practice has sent the book to hundreds of nurseries and primary schools in the local area, with the initial reaction being positive.

Capturing the attention of young children can be one of the most difficult things for dental practices. However, with marketing materials aimed at younger patients it can be much more effective.

When designing child-friendly leaflets it’s important to consider the best ways to alleviate any fears or anxieties young patients can have. 

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