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Dental researchers could win £200,000 from SGH

Posted by Yvonne Wallace

Dental practitioners can win up to £200,000 in funding for research by taking part in a recently-launched competition.

Set up by the Shirley Glasstone Hughes (SGH) Trust Fund, the competition takes place annually and is open to primary care dental practitioners. This year the fund is calling for applications for research projects that investigate the environmental impact of plastics in restorative dental materials.

In order to participate, teams lead by a primary care dentist must send an application outlining their research proposals with deadline for submissions on Monday, April 29th.

An international panel of experts will be judging the submissions in a peer review process, with the winning research proposal to be announced in September.

Professor Elizabeth Kay, the chair of the SGH Management Committee, said: “We are committed to supporting research in primary dental care. We believe that dentists being involved in, and aware of, research evidence creates a questioning culture which drives up standards and benefits oral health. I encourage all primary care dentists to join the debate at Curious About.”

In 2010 funding was succesfully won by Russ Ladwa, a London GDP, for his research proposal into the effect of social deprivation on oral health.

Last year, Sutton Coldfield GDP Peter Thornley received a grant to examine different lining strategies on amalgam restoration, and GDP Helen Chapman, based in Solihull, won funding to conduct research into dentists’ emotions and clinical decision making. 

The SGH Trust Fund was established in 1991 after the dentist and researcher, Shirley Glasstone Hughes left a memorial fund to be used as grants to fund research into various areas of dentistry.

The aim of the trust fund is enable primary care practitioners to conduct in-depth research into an area which can directly benefit care in their practices.

The fund has also recently launched web pages where dentists are invited to post questions and comments on four different topics which are designed to open up debate on primary dental care research and funding.

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