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Dental professionals urge patients to Make a Meal of it

A new campaign urges people to cut down on snacking between meals.

Make a Meal of it, launched by the British Dental Association (BDA), aims to primarily target children who are eating an excess of sugary sweets.

From June 18th, the campaign will begin to combat the damage done to teeth by acidic foods between meals. Proposed measures will ensure that children have limited access to the food sources that are causing so many problems for their oral health.

Plans include asking supermarkets to limit access to unhealthy foods at checkout counters. Last minute offers are typically available whilst queuing up to pay for the weekly shop, tempting consumers to make that extra sugary purchase.

The BDA will also demand that cinemas decrease their sizes of carbonated drinks, sweets and popcorn to more manageable portions. Schools will also be asked to cut down the availability of snacks in vending machines which children regularly have access to at small cost.

Professor Damien Walmsley, scientific adviser to the BDA, said: “Regrettably, some retailers insist on putting profits before health, disregarding the potential ill effects of their products and dangling temptation in front of children.”

He urges a more responsible view from store owners.

Professionals are seeking input from local officials in a government e-petition, looking at how dental hygiene affects different areas.

The campaign also suggests posting pictures of offending offers and unhealthy snacks to the Children’s Food Campaign which will make the images public. This draws attention to harmful substances being sold by leading brands.

Lobbying for such changes is an extremely important aspect of the dental industry and promoting healthy teeth is vital for patients. Designer Dental has a high-quality range of dental posters and dental welcome packs to help you share positive information with your clients and keep them coming back to your surgery.

Suggesting healthier alternatives to acidic foods could really reduce the number of dental problems in your area. Make sure you are part the Make a Meal of it campaign today.

Posted by Allie Wright

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