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Dental practice to double as barbers

One tried and tested way to attract more patients is to focus your dental marketing around what you can offer people that other practices cannot. This is a good way to convince patients that you can give them more than just a basic check-up, and makes you seem more of a dental expert. However, one dentist has taken this a step further.

Dr Jamie Knowles, a dentist at Meadows Dental Practice in Leeds, has begun offering patients something they really can’t get at any other practice: a haircut. He is marketing his services based around the idea that you can get two of your day’s chores out of the way in a single trip, by combining a visit to the barbers with a dental check-up.

According to Dr Knowles, his service is the perfect one for today’s busy modern lifestyle, as he can have your hair cut and your teeth checked in under half an hour. Of course, Meadows Dental Practice won’t be offering anything more elaborate than a trim, but it is a good place to go to save time.

“I trained to be a barber before going into dentistry so both skills come naturally to me,” Dr Knowles told the Yorkshire Evening Post. “Having your hair done is a relaxing experience… so by the time we get round to the dentistry they’re much more at ease. It’s a great way to encourage people to get to keep to their appointments, which is great news for their oral hygiene.”

This is one fairly extreme case of a dentist offering something new, but it is a good example of how this tactic can endear your practice to potential patients. In Dr Knowles’ case, he is not just offering novelty but also convenience.

Don’t simply come up with a new service or product for the sake of it. Make sure there is a market amongst the people in your local area for it first, so you can be sure that it will have the desired impact.

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