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Dental patients urged to use new Sugar Smart app

To help combat tooth decay, dental patients are now being advised to download Public Health England’s (PHEs) new Sugar Smart app. 

The app has been launched as part of PHEs Change4Life campaign which focuses on improving healthiness and reducing obesity in the UK, but the app could also be beneficial in the fight to tackle tooth decay.

It works by scanning barcodes and revealing the total amount of sugar in food and drinks. “There are too many hidden sugars in food and drink today, including many purporting to be healthy,” Claire Stevens, a paediatric dental consultant said.

“We hope the new Sugar Smart resources and app will empower parents and their children to investigate for themselves so that sugar consumption can be radically reduced.”

Parents are being urged to download the app to monitor the sugar intake of both themselves and their children. The reduction of sugar in people’s diets could radically reduce obesity, tooth decay and type two diabetes in the UK.

The app is particularly pertinent following the recent publication of data which highlights an increasing issue with dental care in the UK. This is a problem which is currently much worse among children than adults. 

With the quality of dental care in the UK seen to be comparable to that of Third World countries, dentists are now taking rapid steps in a bid to improve dental hygiene across the nation. 

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