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Dental marketing research for your next blog

Research should never stop being a part of your dental marketing strategy and campaigns – without it, you can’t be sure if your content is hitting the mark with your patients.

Any kind of content you produce showcases your opinion and aims to portray that your products and services are the best on the market. However, this needs to be backed up and supported by either data or reliable sources, as your clients are going to trust information purely because it comes from you.

The reality is that research makes your claims credible and it can also help your online content – including newsletters and blogs – rack up backlinks and shares.

Although it might seem like a difficult task to find the right research you need, there are lots of websites that can help you with this and make your life a lot easier. Hubspot cites Nielsen as one of the top sites for you to start your research, as it analyses and reports on trends that could affect how you market your surgery’s services to your audience.

Gallup is another good organisation for you to look at, as it constantly conducts public opinion polls across a variety of topics – which can help you work out what kind of content your audience wants to read.

There are lots of other survey and research websites that can help you analyse what your audience is saying. Once you have a basis of information, it’s time to put this knowledge to work in the form of your marketing materials, whether this is through the use of a-boards, advertorials, on-screen advertising in your waiting room or even traditional marketing aids, like direct mailing.

Don’t forget that you have research on hand in your surgery in the form of your patients – they can be the best way for you to assess whether or not your clients are getting all the information and treatment they need from your surgery.

For information on how we can help you produce marketing materials your audience is sure to love, contact Designer Dental now.

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