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About dental laboratory chits

Although they are an incredibly useful tool, dental laboratory chits can often be overlooked. However, we’re here to explain to you exactly why they make a great addition to your marketing strategy.

They are an important prescription tool if your lab chits are well designed and easy for dentists to complete then they are more likely to use your lab. As a result, you should see a marked increase in the sale of your products.

At Designer Dental, we spend time making sure that we create chits for labs that present relevant questions in a way that is not only clear but easy on the eye too! Never underestimate how an attractive design can help to win over a client. Similarly, if the layout of your chit isn’t clear or easy to follow then you could accidentally be driving away your audience.

Chits are designed to define information about dental implants, implantology, ceramics, crowns and veneers, among other things.

They’re a big part of dental admin, so it’s important for them to be clear, concise and well-designed. As we mentioned, these don’t have to be one-dimensional in their function, as they can be a really good way of showing off what your lab can do to boost your business – in more ways than one.

We know just how influential these can be, as part of your wider marketing message too – whatever you produce should fall in line with the rest of your branding.

Take for example a new logo for your company, if you have recently rebranded then you can distribute the new design throughout your different materials, including laboratory chits.

As these will be passed through lots of different hands, it means that you will have the opportunity to display a new logo or message to as wide an audience as possible.

Laboratory chits are similar to recommendation cards, as they are another way to get your branding across to your audience in a way that is a soft but still targeted approach that, if designed properly, will have a positive effect on your company sales.

For information on how Designer Dental can help you with creative marketing for your laboratory chits, contact us now.

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