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Cultural change on its way for dentistry

Dentists need to make vital changes to bring around positive long-term effects for the industry.

This is the conclusion of an exclusive event held to discuss the future of the profession and the impact it has on our culture, revealing areas where businesses needed to expand.

The Westminster Health Forum focused on the dental industry this week (July 2nd), highlighting that important changes must be made in how the profession is seen by patients and the general public.

A four-hour seminar, ‘Dentistry 2013: commissioning, access and towards the new contract’, was chaired by top officials Lord Colwyn and MP Alison Seabeck, vice chairs of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Dentistry.

Key information was displayed. In a survey of 550 people, those under 30 are more likely to make proactive decisions about their health care. These patients could easily switch between surgeries to make sure they are receiving the most diligent treatments.

New introductions in the dental system could mean that dentists allow those with poor dental care to slip off the radar in favour of those who take a proactive approach with their oral hygiene.

John Milne, head of the British Dental Association, revealed that he was positive about the direction that the industry was travelling in. However, the leading figure admitted that after two years of pilot schemes surrounding the new dental contract, “there is still a lot we don’t know”.

Professor Milne also felt that the lack of clear details given to patients about their rights and healthcare “produces risks and makes patients vulnerable to exploitation”.

However, the main consensus of the forum was that the face of dental care is changing along with social attitudes and the onslaught of unhealthy snacks which have become pervasive.

With such an ongoing culture of obesity and sugary foods taking place around us, it is important to implement small changes and spread a positive message of oral health to those around us.

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Posted by Yvonne Wallace

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