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Creating marketing images that attract a niche audience

As we’ve said before, images are one of the best and easiest ways to fully engage your audience in your marketing messages.

However, you shouldn’t just slap any picture into the middle of your online or offline content. Your approach to marketing images should be as carefully considered as your target audience.

When it comes to dental marketing, you can choose to market as broad or niche a message as you want. For example, you could decide to do a whole campaign promoting the orthodontic treatments at your surgery, which will require a specific type of content, including images that give accurate information about braces and other services.

In contrast, if you are simply marketing your surgery as a whole, you can often get away with using less specific images by choosing ones that show your practice and staff at their best.

Choosing the right images also has a lot to do with understanding the buyer cycle of marketing. By this, we mean that you have to anticipate which images will make your clients aware of your products and services, educate them on how they will help them, take them to the decision stage of whether or not to choose them and finally, achieve a booking or sale.

Using images is a much quicker way to engage the buyer cycle, as people process images much faster than words.

According to, a “truly powerful image speaks to us on a symbolic level”, deep and layered feelings are evoked most often by images that we see. An effective visual campaign that is targeted towards a niche product or service will deliver a message that hits both the conscious and subconscious parts of our minds.

Don’t forget, words are about what you want to tell people but images are also about what you want them to feel.

For information on creating strong image-led posters or pamphlets to lead your targeted marketing campaigns, contact Designer Dental now.

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