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Create a personal journey with before and after wallets

For too many people, going to the dentist is a chore. It is rarely ever thought of as enjoyable, even among people that do not mind sitting through procedures. People largely understand what to expect from the experience, and do not look forward to it, which is unfortunate as it makes it especially hard to market dental practices to patients.

Many highly successful brands know the power of engagement, a tactic which encourages potential customers to get more involved with a product or service. Achieving engagement is a great way to market a brand, and this is no different with dentistry. But how can you form a connection between your patients and your practice?

The answer is surprisingly simple. As a dentist, you will have a key role in how a patient’s teeth look. This is especially true for people who have to go through long periods of orthodontic treatment for teeth that are misshapen in some way. Your work will determine their appearance, so you can end up having a profound effect on their life.

This is something that is sure to build engagement, but it is not easy to achieve. It might be a good idea to use dental marketing materials to remind your patients of what you have achieved when it comes to the look and appearance of their teeth.

One way to do this is with Before and After Treatment Wallets. These are remarkably simple: little branded wallets that hold two photographs. One of these is taken before dental or orthodontic treatment begins, and the second is taken afterwards. The photos are then added to the wallet, and given to the patient.

This is an excellent way of reminding the patient that the state of their teeth is largely down to you, and it builds on engagement by making them feel connected to the practice. It also makes a really nice memento for them, and can make patients feel especially happy about the state of their teeth.

Designer Dental can provide these wallets in quantities of 250, 500 or 1,000, customised to fit whatever size of photograph you would like. The outside of the wallet is also fully customisable, and can be personalised with your practice’s logo and branding.

Not only do the wallets make your patients feel connected to your practice, it is also a great way of spreading your name around. Patients that have gone through lengthy procedures, or have changed their appearance in any significant way, will be eager to show their friends and family the before and after pictures.

When accompanied by your branding, this will get your dental practice’s image across excellently. This will probably be helped by the patients themselves, who may well sing your praises if they feel you have done a good job on their teeth. Giving them a free gift like a before and after wallet will help give you an even more positive image.

Using photo wallets like this is an interesting, unusual and innovative way to stand out from the crowd when it comes to dental marketing. If you want to build engagement with your patients, this is an excellent method of doing so.

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