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Could Scotland’s new oral health plan offer marketing opportunities?

Awareness of oral health is something that is extremely important to the success of dental practices. Marketing your services can be difficult when people see this issue as unimportant, or something that comes second to other concerns and considerations in their lives.

It’s good news, then, that the Scottish government has launched a dedicated initiative to improve the delivery of dental services across the country.

The key aims of the new plan are to tackle poor oral health, cut inequalities in this field of healthcare and meet the needs of the ageing population.

A new preventive system of care will be introduced to assess patients based on risk and address the issue of poor oral health being linked to deprivation. Another defining feature of the initiative is the introduction of personalised care plans focusing on lifestyle choices, such as diet, alcohol consumption and smoking.

Scottish health secretary Shona Robison launched the plan, after taking part in consultations with health professionals and the public.

She pointed out that a record number of Scots have access to NHS dentists and, in general, oral health is improving, but there is still action that can be taken to deliver further improvements and break the link to deprivation.

“The Oral Health Improvement Plan will support the profession to spend more time on what they do best – providing excellent care for the patients who need it most,” Ms Robison added.

“We will continue to work closely with them as the recommendations are implemented. It will ensure people get the personalised care they need, when and where they need it.”

If the plan has the desired impact, it could open up some exciting growth opportunities for dental practices in Scotland.

Get in touch with Designer Dental to see how you can market your practice to make the most of new opportunities.


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